You can use your MSU EAP benefit to address a number of different kinds of issues or concerns.

  1. Help you to assess your personal problems or concerns so that you can see them more clearly;
  2. Counseling and support for mental health concerns like depression or anxiety;
  3. Counseling for your immediate family members (your partner/spouse and children);
  4. Grief counseling and education to help you transition through loss;
  5. Substance abuse assessment and education, as well as recovery support and recommendations for treatment;
  6. Marital/relationship counseling to address concerns in your relationships with spouses, partners, or other significant people;
  7. Help you clarify your goals for your personal life and/or career;
  8. Assist you to increase your psychological flexibility;
  9. Build greater capacity to identify and remove the barriers to personal growth and change;
  10. Assistance for improving your relationship with your coworkers/supervisor;
  11. Counseling and support related to intimate partner or family violence;
  12. Departmental or individual support following a traumatic event on campus;
  13. Help in identifying and accessing other resources that could offer assistance.

The Mission of the MSU Employee Assistance Program is to support and enhance the emotional health of the campus community.

Guiding values of MSU's EAP.

The MSU EAP offers a health based approach to mental health and emotional issues.

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