Mental health resources both on and off campus.

On Campus

MSU Couple and Family Therapy Clinic - (517) 432-2272
Provides therapeutic services for families, couples, and individuals of all ages through a systemic lens. Services offered on a sliding fee scale ($10-$80 per session).

MSU Psychological Clinic- (517) 355-9564
Provides psychological services to children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, and older adults. The Clinic offers psychotherapy, psychological assessments and evaluations, and mood and memory workshops for older adults. Therapy services are confidential, short-term, and available at affordable, income-adjusted rates.

MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) - (517) 355-8270
Any student registered for one or more credits is eligible for a consultation appointment. As resources permit, additional services and/or referrals may be provided. Counseling services are generally available on an appointment basis. 

MSU Center for Survivors - (517) 355-3551 or 24-hour crisis hotline (517) 372-6666
The Sexual Assault Program provides immediate crisis intervention and advocacy services to women and men who have been impacted by rape or sexual assault as well as proactive sexual assault prevention education programming for MSU community members. Services available include: a 24-hour hotline; medical advocacy; counseling and legal advocacy. These services are available to survivors of sexual assault and their non-offending significant others. The Counseling Center also offers follow-up counseling services for MSU students. 

MSU Sexual Assault Healthcare Program - (517) 353-2700
The MSU Sexual Assault Healthcare Program is now open.  The program is staffed 24/7 by specialized forensic nurses. Services are free and available to adults who have been sexually assaulted within the last 5 days.  

Community Resources and External Links

The Michigan Mental Health Networker - Lansing Area Services 
Listing of many of the mental health and substance abuse providers in the Greater Lansing area, complete with brief descriptions of the offices, services provided, and contact information. Also has links to Child and Adolescent Services, Self Help and Support Groups, Substance Abuse Services, and a directory for local therapists.

Sparrow Hospital Behavioral Health Services - (517) 364-7650
The Behavioral Health program provides or coordinates resources for those individuals who experience an emotional or psychological crisis, psychiatric illness or substance addiction. Offers both inpatient, day treatment, and outpatient programs.

St. Vincent Catholic Charities Family Counseling Center - (517) 323-4734
Provides therapeutic services for any residents of the Tri-county area, and serves individuals, couples, families, and children of all ages.

Insight Recovery Centers - (800) 838-1752
A comprehensive provider of substance abuse and mental health services. Insight offers residential, day treatment, and outpatient programs for those dealing with mental health or substance abuse concerns.

Clinton-Eaton-Ingham CMH Ingham Counseling Center - (517) 346-8318 or (517) 372-2460 (crisis hotline)
The community mental health movement in this country was founded on the belief that mental health services are best provided in the community in which the person receiving such service lives. In keeping with this philosophy, Community Mental Health provides a wide range of community-based services.

Child and Family Services, Capital Area - (517) 882-4000
Provides counseling assistance to people of all ages experiencing a variety of life problems. The program responds to a growing need in the Greater Lansing community by targeting services to low income families and adjusting fees based on ability to pay.

National Institute of Mental Health

MSU Couple and Family Therapy Clinic

517-432-2272 or

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MSU Psychological Clinic


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MSU Sexual Assault Healthcare Program

(517) 353-2700

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MSU Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)


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MSU Center for Survivors

517-355-3551 or 517-372-6666 (24hr crisis hotline)

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The Michigan Mental Health Networker - Lansing Area Services

List of mental health organizations in the Lansing Area

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Sparrow Hospital Behavioral Health Services


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St. Vincent Catholic Charities Family Counseling Center


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Insight Recovery Centers


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Clinton-Eaton-Ingham CMH Ingham Counseling Center

517-346-8318 or 517-346-8460 (crisis hotline)

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Child and Family Services, Capital Area


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National Institute of Mental Health

Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses

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