Accessing your own internal emotional well-being

Emotional Wellness is a relatively new concept that is finding its way into counseling and health promotion practices. Emotional wellness defines the internal resources a person’s has to draw upon as they move through their day to day life. As we learn to access our own emotional well-being (our “well” of “being”) we are able to respond to everyday and exceptional life events with greater effectiveness and less stress and upset.

The MSU EAP and the MSU Health4U program work together to offer the MSU community a wide variety of emotional wellness classes. These classes are designed to help participants enhance and improve their emotional health thus leading to:

  • Increased work effectiveness
  • Improved mood
  • Increased rest and relaxation that supports holistic health and well-being
  • Increased effectiveness in problem solving
  • Improved self-concept
  • Reduction in self defeating/addictive behaviors
  • Increased joy and overall life satisfaction
  • Greater sense of balance and perspective

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