Resources addressing women's concerns and needs, both on campus and in the larger community.

Campus Resources

The Women's Advisory Committee for Support Staff (WACSS)

WACSS is an organization that advises the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services about issues that primarily affect women support staff. Committee members represent support staff women from employee groups across campus and at MSU’s off-campus locations in Michigan.

Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost
The Women's Advisory Committee to the Provost, a Board-established committee, advises the Provost on important issues of special interest to women within the University community. In its advisory capacity, the committee assists in identifying and in suggesting solutions to important issues relative to the roles and participation of women in the academic areas of the University. The committee may consult with the Provost or members of the Provost's staff to clarify and to discuss strategies for enhancing the experiences of and conditions for women in the academic workplace.

Center for Gender in Global Context
The Center for Gender in Global Context is an interdisciplinary center in International Studies and Programs focused on gender, feminist, and women's studies. Its affiliated faculty and students study how women and men from diverse racial, ethnic, national, and sexual backgrounds live in and engage with the world and how processes of global change affect gender relations locally, nationally, and internationally. Working in conjunction with the academic colleges, the center promotes outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, facilitates research and scholarship of the highest caliber, and undertakes innovative outreach and active learning initiatives.

MSU Women's Council
Women's Council is a vehicle through which women's voices can be heard at Michigan State University and the greater community. The goal of Women's Council is to enhance the quality of women's lives on campus and provide a safe community in which all persons can work collectively to improve the status of women. 

MSU Safe Place - (517) 355-1100
MSU Safe Place provides shelter to anyone experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse in an on-going relationship and needing a safe, confidential place to stay. For support or shelter call the number listed above. MSU affiliated persons needing shelter can use this number to access our on-call phone service after 5:00pm Monday through Friday and on weekends and holidays.

Community Resources and External Links

Michigan NOW - (517) 485-9687
The mission of NOW is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men. NOW seeks to eliminate the roots of sexism in society by actions, including lobbying, educating and mobilizing the community on women's rights issues. Contact the Michigan chapter by calling the number listed above or emailing

Michigan Women's Commission - (313) 456-4702 or
The mission of the Michigan Women's Commission is to improve the quality of life for Michigan Women. Through a series of public hearings held over the past year, the Commission has become aware that the state of Michigan is rich with organization and groups dedicated to improving the lives of women.

Women's Center of Greater Lansing - (517) 372-9163
The Women’s Center is dedicated to helping women realize their potential, support each other, achieve economic self-sufficiency, and develop emotional and physical well-being, regardless of income level.

Women's Advisory Council for Support Staff

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Center for Gender in Global Context

517-353-5040 or

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MSU Women's Council

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MSU Safe Place

(517) 355-1100

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Michigan NOW

517-485-9687 or

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Michigan Women's Commission

313-456-4702 or

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