A list of campus resources to help you address workplace concerns

Labor Unions at MSU

Administrative Professional Association (APA)  (517) 999-4004

Administrative Professional Supervisors Association (APSA)

Clerical-Technical Union (CTU)  (517) 355-1903

Fraternal Order of Police - FOP, Lodge 141 - (517) 882-8600

Graduate Employees Union - (517) 332-2824

IATSE, Local 274 - (517) 374-5570

IUOE, Local 324 - (517) 393-0400

Local 999, Council 25, AFSCME - (517) 351-1772

AFSCME LOCAL 1585 - (517) 353-5353

Workplace Conflict Resources

Grievances, Discipline and Complaints
Human Resource's page detailing the options and procedures for addressing grievances, discipline, and complaints.

Michigan State University's Mediation Service - (517) 353-8884 or fgo@msu.edu
Michigan State University is committed to providing a supportive and humane environment for a cooperative effort in pursuit of the educational, research and service functions of the University. The Mediation Service exists to help resolve conflicts and disputes that can interfere with the University's mission. The mediation service is an independent service and is not part of any administrative office or any other dispute resolution procedure.

Administrative Professional Association (APA)

517-999-4004 or msuapa@msu.edu

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Clerical-Technical Union (CTU)

517-355-1903 or ctu@ctumsu.edu

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Graduate Employees Union

517-332-2824 or geu@geuatmsu.edu

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IATSE, Local 274


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IUOE, Local 324


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Local 999, Council 25, AFSCME


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Grievances, Discipline, and Complaints

Human Resource's page detailing options/procedures for addressing grievances, discipline, and complaints

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MSU's Mediation Services

517-353-8884 or fgo@msu.edu

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