Learn ways to reduce your experience of stress in your personal or work life

Our counselors specialize in helping people reduce their perceived stress level and shift their personal experience of current life circumstances. This process can help a person gain a deeper perspective from which to make decisions about relationships, work, and life in general. This is especially important when current circumstances are difficult or challenging and impacted by systems and structures the client may not have control over.

Stress reduction education is offered in individual coaching sessions. To schedule an appointment to discuss how stress reductions services might be useful to you, please contact us at 517-355-4506 or eap@msu.edu.

Stress Reduction Classes

The MSU EAP counselors offer a variety of stress reduction classes that MSU employees may participate in at no cost.  In addition, the MSU EAP counselors provide work effectiveness training programs that may be tailored to the your specific needs of your unit or department.  Both services are offered through the Health4U program.  Learn more about the Health4U stress reduction services at their website.